What you get out of your MBA at University of Nevada, Reno (Macro-level)

MBA.jpgAfter two years of hard work, I am getting my MBA degree from University of Nevada, Reno this summer. The other day, I was thinking about the overall things that I have learned from my MBA and I found it interesting to share it with you. I would classify all MBA materials in two categories of behavioral concepts and analysis. In other words, each course includes some percent of analysis and some percent of behavioral concepts. After two years of studying in business department, I have tools to analysis a situation and come up with an optimum solution.
Yes! The optimum solution. The optimum solution is a solution that fixes a problem for a long term advantage without hurting other units of the business, and in a larger scale, the total environment. Optimum solution is about finding win-win solutions. I believe that a MBA student is able to measure, analyses, and implement.
Measure the strengths and weaknesses of a company both internally and externally. This measure should consider culture of the company, governmental regulations, geographic location, financial positions, stakeholders’ value, past tries and errors, economical situations, and etc., as well as competitor’s positions.
Analysis of the impact of any decisions or strategies on a short and long-term period. When an MBA student models an organization as a system, he (she) models it as a complex system with hundreds of input and probably couple of outputs in a dynamic environment.
Implementation of a new decision or strategy. This would be the hardest role of a MBA student and it’s even harder to explain it in words. New strategy always come along with changing culture and a new culture needs the big change in environment to change almost all employees’ behavior. I think no change is even better than bad implementation of a good change.
With having said that, I will give you more information about the micro-level of MBA, which is about MBA courses, at UNR. Please shoot me a message if you have any further questions.

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Author: Amin Sabzehzar

MBA student Mechanical Engineer University of Nevada, Reno

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