Why smart manufacturing?

According to Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, the fourth industrial revolution is happening. The first industrial revolution came with using the water and steam’s power to mobilize mechanical equipment and it continued to the second industrial revolution, by the invention of electricity and mass production. In 1969, electronics and information technology revolutionized the manufacturing processes by automated production. Since the middle of last century, fourth industrial revolution is happening, which is characterized by the interaction of physical, digital, and biological worlds.

We are living in a time of great transformation of industry, in which billions of people are connecting with unlimited access to unlimited source of knowledge. On the other hand, the growing technologies effect the people’s interaction and industry. Using artificial intelligence methods, 3D printing, autonomous cars, and drones are examples of fourth industrial solution. Like all revolutions, the fourth industrial revolution creates a great opportunity to improve industrial efforts, and at the same time, failure to align with this new environment will become a threat for businesses.

simply-smart-technology-business-it-services.jpgPhoto Credit

I believe SMART MANUFACTURING is in the center of fourth industrial revolution. Smart manufacturing is about bringing intelligence to manufacturing systems. The radial change in business infrastructure is necessary to optimize processes online. The optimization process consist of different layers of macro and micro techniques including continuous flow of information between business segments, optimizing supply chain, use of relevant technology in business, and translating data to information.


Author: Amin Sabzehzar

MBA student Mechanical Engineer University of Nevada, Reno

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